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These collections of images are from areas visited to share a larger story with you of these wonderful places.


Bunsby Islands, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, September 2018

The remote and lovely islands of Sea Otters and Vistas
( 36 images)

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Jervis Inlet and Hotham Sound, BC, Canada, September 2017

The beautiful Inlets and Mountains of the Coast Range
( 30 images)

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A Walk on the Beach, May 2017

Sun Beams, Fog and other Explorations (11 images)

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Spring Emerges in the Columbia Gorge, April, 2017

Trees, Clouds and the Full Moon (16 images)

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Winter in the Columbia Gorge, January, 2017

A few scenes of a long and icy winter (15 images)

Desolation Sound, British Columbia, Canada, September, 2016

A 10 day kayak trip to the land of mountains and the sea (52 images)

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Neahkahnie Cliffs, Oregon Coast, March 2015

A special place in all seasons (8 images)

Olympic National Park, New Years 2015

A short collection, both day and night (12 images)

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British Columbia Inside Passage, Fall 2013

Killer Whales, Beautiful Mountains. Amazing! (32 images)

Northern Oregon Coast, Summer 2013

Sea Stacks, Channels and Clouds (20 images)

Cape Kiwanda Blog Story here...

Arches National Park, Moab, Utah, Spring, 2013

Rocks, Stars and, of course, arches (23 images)

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Photos of Arches National Park, Spring, 2013

Olympic Peninsula New Year, 2013

Three Days of Beauty at the Washington Coast and Hurricane Ridge (27 images)

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Olympic New Year  2013

Hawaii, Summer, 2012

Turtles, Sunsets, Fish (14 images)

Hawaiian Photos

Columbia Gorge Winter, 2011-2012

Color, Clouds and the Moon (16 images)

Columbia Gorge Winter 2011-2012

Oregon North Coast, Summer, 2011

Ecola State Park, Hug Point and Arcadia Beach (24 images)

North Oregon Coast Images

Olympic National Park, Summer, 2011

Rialto Beach, Second Beach, Salt Creek, Lake Crescent (27 images)

Olympic National Park, Summer, 2011

Olympic National Park, Spring, 2011

Second Beach, Lake Crescent (21 images)

Gallery of Olympic National Park, Spring, 2011

Columbia Gorge, Oregon, December and January, 2011

Wind, Water and Color in the Gorge (15 images)

Columbia Gorge Sunset from the Bridge of the Gods

Olympic National Park, August and September, 2010

ONP, Wildlife, Mountains and Seascapes (25 images)

Photographs of Olympic National Park, Summer, 2010

Mt Rainier, August, 2010

Mt Rainier and flowers, Mt. Rainier National Park (22 images)

Mt. Rainier at Dusk from Tipsoo Lake

Spring Flowers, April, 2010

Flowers and Wildflowers around our Neighborhood, etc. (18 images)

Spring flowers

Oregon Coast, January 20, 2010

Beautiful waterfalls, sandstone, ocean water and the night sky... (19 images)

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Oregon Coast in Winter, 2010

Lake Crescent Mist, December 31, 2009

Old growth forests, mist and lake... (7 images)

Lake Crescent Mist in the Olympic National Park

Oregon Coast Storm, November, 2009

Large waves, squalls and plenty of foam... (15 images)

Columbia Gorge, Fall 2009

Short trips to the Gorge have been the theme this fall. Usually one destination, with the evening light a priority... (31 images)

More Gorge Pictures here...

Olympic Peninsula, Washington, Summer 2009

Sunsets, beaches, birds and mist. Wouldn't be the Olympic Peninsula without mist... (26 images)

Olympic Peninsula Photographs Summer, 2009

Mt. Rainier awaits Winter, Washington, September, 2009

A gathering of friends and hike up to Plummer Peak in the beautiful Tatoosh Range... (12 images)

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vMt. Rainier in the Fall

Olympic Peninsula, Washington, Fall, 2009

More mist, clouds and beautiful night skies (11 images)

Olympic Fall Photographs, 2009

Evening at Ecola State Park, Oregon Coast, September, 2009

Exploring Indian Beach with beautiful clouds and a fine sunset... (12 images)

Evening at Indian Beach, Ecola State Park, Oregon

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